National to further reduce ACC levies

Under National, the ACC scheme is financially sustainable and delivering better services. We are focused on rehabilitation, injury prevention, and streamlining processes, while maintaining high levels of service.

Levies have dropped significantly – $1.5 billion over the last four years – and we are committed to further reductions of between $700 million and $900 million starting 1 April 2016.

This is the equivalent of a tax cut for households and businesses.

A re-elected National Government will continue to support ACC’s rehabilitation and injury prevention work while further reducing levies on households and businesses, putting more money back in the pockets of Kiwi families.

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Safer communities under National

National will make every public prison a working prison by 2017, and offenders who have taken part in intensive drug treatment while inside prison will attend specialist addiction aftercare programmes once they’re released.

We know if offenders can stay off drugs and alcohol, and gain an education and employment training, they are less likely to reoffend.

We are halfway to reaching our reoffending target.  These initiatives will help us reach that target, of reducing reoffending 25 per cent by 2017.

If National is re-elected we will re-set our target of reducing total crime to a 20 per cent reduction against our 2011 baseline.

We’ve made great progress in reducing crime – it’s at a 35-year low – but that doesn’t mean we can’t do even better.

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Supporting our primary sector

A successful primary sector is a key part of our plan to create jobs, raise incomes, and build a more competitive and productive economy.

Our goal is to double the value of our primary sector exports by 2025, from $32 billion to $64 billion.

National is investing in high-quality infrastructure, with $120 million towards irrigation so far, $212 million towards regional roads and $300 million to enhance rural broadband. We want to support rural families and give rural businesses the tools to succeed. We won’t be aimlessly rushing animal emissions into the ETS and we have reduced ACC levies for rural businesses.

We are also supporting innovation and jobs in the primary sector by boosting research and development through the Primary Growth Partnership.

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Delivering a strong New Zealand economy

National’s clear economic plan and careful financial management is taking New Zealand in the right direction. The economy is growing, new jobs are being created, and wages are rising.  Our plan for the next three years is straightforward.

A re-elected National Government will return to surplus this year and stay there so we can reduce debt. We’ll cut ACC levies for households and businesses, and we’ll start modestly reducing income taxes for lower and middle income earners.

Remember every vote counts on 20 September, we need to stay on course to see more New Zealanders in work, owning their own homes, getting the healthcare they need, and the opportunities they want for their children.

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$100 million freshwater fund, new fencing requirements

New Zealand’s freshwater makes us an incredibly lucky country. We have over 400,000 kilometres of rivers and more than 4,000 lakes. National is committed to protecting this valuable resource.

We’ve already introduced the first national standards for freshwater and a re-elected National Government will create an environmental buffer alongside some of our important waterways to protect our freshwater.

To do this, we will create a $100 million fund to buy and retire selected areas of farmland next to important waterways and require dairy cattle to be excluded from waterways by 1 July 2017. Farmers have already voluntarily addressed some of these key environmental issues and we’re grateful for their work.

Our approach is about working collaboratively with farmers, communities, and water users because improving the quality of our environment goes hand-in-hand with building a more competitive and productive economy.

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Working hard to rebuild Canterbury

Rebuilding Canterbury is one of National’s priorities. A re-elected National Government would continue the pace and high standard of the rebuild, building a new, vibrant and exciting city.

On Tuesday we announced the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will become a departmental agency within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet from February next year.

This will maintain the momentum of the rebuild, and puts the recovery work where it needs to be – at the core of central government planning.

The Government is not scaling back its commitment to the region, this move will support Canterbury’s long-term recovery.  The stable leadership of the National Government, and the resilience of Cantabrians, has kept the regional economy strong, with high levels of business and consumer confidence.

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Transforming New Zealand’s broadband future

National is investing to extend ultra-fast broadband (UFB) and faster rural broadband to more families, businesses, schools, and hospitals.

We’ve completed nearly 40 per cent of the UFB build to more than half a million houses and businesses. Now it is time to extend UFB to a further 200,000 New Zealanders.

If re-elected, National will extend our UFB target of 75 per cent of New Zealanders being able to access fibre to their door, to 80 per cent. We will also be investing an additional $150 million in the Rural Broadband Initiative. This will mean almost every New Zealander will be able to access faster, more reliable internet services.

National’s total investment in better connectivity for New Zealanders is now close to $2 billion.

Faster broadband is a key part of National’s plan to build a stronger, more competitive and productive economy, lift wages, and provide the world-class services families need.

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